Easiest Way to Create a Youtube Channel

Many are asking me how to create your own youtube channel. In this tutorial, I will teach you the ways to do it using a mobile phone.

I also included the steps on uploading your videos and make it appear on the search result. It’s easy, just follow the instructions below.

Steps on How to Create a Youtube Channel

How to Create a Youtube Channel

Step 1: Open Youtube App

Go to your Youtube App.

Step 2: Create a Gmail Account

If you already have an existing Gmail account, you need to create another one intended only for your youtube channel.

Go to the home of your Youtube app. Tap the icon on the upper right corner and choose switch account. Hit the “+” button and then choose “create account”.

Just fill the boxes with your personal information details and you also need to create your password. That account will be signed in automatically on your youtube app after created.

Step 3: Create a Youtube Channel

At home, tap the icon on the upper right corner again then choose “My channel”. I recommend reading their Terms of Service first before continuing.

After you read, provide what will be the name of your Youtube Channel and hit “Create”.

Upload a Video

Go back to “My channel”, tap the Video button on the upper portion then choose either to record or just select one which is already saved. 

Before uploading, please provide the following information about your video first.

Title: Provide the name of your video.

Description: Give a description that describes what it is all about and what is inside on it. Just make sure it is related to the title you gave.

Public – anyone can view and search it.
Unlisted – only those who have the link can view.

Location: Choose from what country you want you viewers will be.

Once you are done, tap upload to publish your video on Youtube.

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Thank you for reading!