Firenet VPN: Fastest Globe VPN in 2019

Many Globe VPN users want to know what is the best VPN for them. You should already know the benefits of using a VPN for our internet connection. It encrypts our connections, it gives us the ability to access blocked websites, and even gain free internet access.

This tutorial will teach you how to connect with Firenet VPN for Globe and TM users.

Globe VPN

Connect to Firenet VPN Free Servers: Globe and TM Users

  1. Download Firenet VPN 
  2. Install the app after you download the app.
  3.  After installed, open the app.
  4.  At home, tap the button on the upper left corner and select “Config Update“. It takes a few seconds to update the config, just wait until it is finished.
  5.  The configuration will update automatically after you tap “Config Update” button. The Server, Info, and Payload details should appear after it is finished. On the Payload option, please indicate what network and specific promo you are using. Feel free to choose from which server you want to connect.
  6. After choosing the Server and Payload, just tap the “CONNECT” button and it should connect in a few seconds.

The steps above are the steps to connect to free servers. You can also create your own account if you want to solo the server.

Free servers are still working fine, you can use it if you don’t have time to create your own account.

Promos needed for Globe & TM:

You can use your free GoWatch and GoPlay if you are registered to GoSURF or EasuSURF Promos.

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Firenet is one of the best VPN for Globe and TM users, this also works on other networks such as Smart, Talk ‘N Text(TNT), and Sun Cellular.

Please leave a comment here if you have any question regarding Globe VPN.

Thank you for reading!